Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

I recently joined a national college blog network through my school's chapter of Her Campus, where my first assignment is to write a short news piece on April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month. I don't want to distract from the gravity of this subject, but I also want to somehow make this article approachable. If you have any helpful suggestions, please let me know! In the meantime, here are a few stylish things you can do to show your support.

  • Wear teal. The teal ribbon is worn across America to show support for victims of sexual assault and to spread awareness of this cause. I say, take this to the next level--wear teal nail polish, eyeliner, and other accessories that noticeably represent this color.
  • Check out the #nomore campaign. Celebrities from Amy Poehler to Ice-T and quite a few others in between have gotten behind this movement to support victims of sexual assault and provide assistance and help to the community (see their PSA here). In addition to guiding the general public through the basics of what sexual assault means and how to prevent it, it also connects the community through a mutual support of the cause on social media sites. Now spreading awareness is easy--by posting a picture on Instagram, hash-tagging on Twitter, and sharing links on Facebook.
  • Talk about it. This year's SAAM campaign is dedicated to promoting safe sex on all levels, but especially to adolescents. The best way to do this, they advocate is simply by talking about it. I personally could tell countless stories of people I know never being taught about sex beyond that it can lead to STDs and pregnancy who later become either abuse victims or the abusers themselves; simply because they don't know what sexual abuse is/looks like. In making this an easier topic to discuss, it educates the general public and prevents further abuse in newer generations.
  • Know the signs. Being a victim of sexual assault is scary--it's one of those things that you know happens, but that you think would never happen to you. Knowing the signs of an abusive relationship or encounter can protect you or your loved ones from suffering from sexual assault. Many colleges provide helpful information on the subject.
I know this wasn't fashion-centric, but it's important to remember that style isn't just the clothes you're wearing, but the wellbeing and personality of the person wearing them. Keep yourself and others safe and stylish this April and all year by spreading awareness of sexual assault.

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