Sunday, April 20, 2014

So All About That: Dressed to Kill

Many people who meet me would describe me as sweet, kind, and, essentially, harmless. While I usually dress to support this, sometimes I find pleasure in dressing to kill. By that, of course, I mean wearing fashionable items that also just so happen to be slightly dangerous. Spikes, sharp heels, and cute self-defense pieces don't just serve to look cute; they're there to let you show off your darker side.

Cat self defense keychain: As the title of the website suggests, Wicked Clothes is a great source of edgy clothing; including these cute self defense keychains that look like a cat face. No one wants to be stuck in a situation where they need to use a self defense keychain, but it'd be even more of a nightmare being in that situation without a method of self defense.

Spiked bra: Though astoundingly impractical, the spiked bra serves as both a hot piece of clothing and an intimidating thing to wear in public. This specific bra from ROMWE is particularly great because the website includes looks designed to feature harder to wear items to give the buyer some ideas.

Talon nail ring: You can get as many of these as you want (some people go so far as filling an entire hand), but I'd recommend sticking to just 1. LilyFair Jewelry manufactures this ring in both black and gold.

Stiletto nails: For those of you who don't follow current celebrity trends, it's important for you to know that stiletto nails are all the rage right now. Everyone from Lily Allen to Kylie Jenner is rocking them. Pretty Little Polish on Etsy sells a variety of these fake nails in a variety of colors and patterns.

Spiked heels: I remember seeing a spy movie once in which a woman had a pair of stilettos whose heels were actually knives. Though they don't actually manufacture those, these spiked stilettos are a nice close second.

Spiky steel-toed booties: Steel-toed boots are one thing; but incorporating the spiky trend into the shoe makes it more fashionable and more threatening. These booties from Charlotte Russe fulfill these requirements.

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