Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Finally Finals

Boots: Similar from Buckle
Dress: Atmosphere, similar from Forever 21
Jacket: Divided, similar from Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Similar from LOVEnLAVISH on Esty

Sorry for posting so late--it's the week before finals week and I've officially started my daily routine of spending most of my day in the library. I hope this dress is recognizable as one of the items I posted in my shopping post from yesterday! It's completely and purposefully sheer, which is actually something I'm really into right now. I just throw on my favorite black tank top underneath and call it good. I chose my colors with great purpose today--I was going for a combination of sweet and tough. The army-green jacket accomplishes the tough, while the light floral embroidered dress is the embodiment of sweet. These are my favorite colors to wear together, which is good considering I own quite a bit of brown, green, pale pink/white and black.

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