Wednesday, March 19, 2014

So All About That: Mid March

Get the look:

Layered asymmetric top: also long-sleeve high-low peplum; I have not of yet figured out what this piece is called, but I know the style. It's fun because you can either buy a shirt like this one from boohoo or recreate it with a high-low shirt and a fitted sweater.

Jumpsuit: I like the idea of a long-sleeved jumpsuit, but one without sleeves is more practical to wear throughout this spring. I love the print and silhouette of this Forever 21 jumpsuit--the trick with a one-piece item is to do either neutral colors or no print.

Cape: As it gets warmer out, the double breasted style becomes less and less useful; this is where the sweater cape (like this one from ROMWE) comes in. It's warm without being too warm, and maintains the uniqueness of its jacket counterpart.

: I'm sure many of you have seen the newly trendy envelope-style skort, but I personally prefer the skater skirt-over-shorts style, like this piece from Love Culture. As a kid, I was always really into this concept, and refused to wear skirts unless they were connected to shorts.

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