Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Worth It

Shoes: Similar from Lucky 21
Socks: Similar from Miss KL
Dress: Similar from Victoria's Secret
Cardigan: Similar from H&M
Jacket: H&M
Earrings: Similar from Target
Purse: Target
Locket: Similar from ASOS

This dress is one of my favorite pieces in my closet-- it was gifted to me from a family friend for my Bat Mitzvah in a box from a fancy Parisian boutique. It's cashmere, tight-fitted, and an absolute dream to wear. In fact, most of what I'm wearing in this outfit is an expensive gift from someone close to me. The locket was my great-grandmother's, and my mom's mom wore these earrings to my parents' wedding. While this dress sometimes makes me feel self conscious--the tightness of it truly leaves nothing to the imagination--it also makes me feel worth a thousand bucks.