Monday, December 5, 2016

OOTD: Parks

My final big Seattle bucket list outing took me to two locations: Kerry Park and Gasworks Park. It was so windy at both locations that my hair was all over the place. I tried my hardest to make it part of the ~aesthetic~. Kerry Park has one of the best views of Seattle I've ever seen: it's way up on the top of the hill that makes up Queen Anne, so it has an ideal vantage point that overlooks the cityscape.

Gasworks Park also had a beautiful view of the city, with these beautiful old machines overgrown with ivy. My mom and I got so cold with our single outer layers that we had to leave after fifteen minutes!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Broke & Fabulous Gift Guide 2016

It's my favorite time of year as a blogger: gift guide season. I make a point to only include items $50 and under. This year, I'm introducing some new gift guides and updating some old ones. This won't be my last gift guide post of the season; read this and stay tuned for more.

1. Bath bomb set: Give your friend's senses a gift with an all-inclusive way to self-soothe.
2. Eye mask: An inexpensive, quick, and easy way for someone to pamper themselves.
3. Cozy blanket: For days when getting out of bed is so not an option, make sure the bed is as nice a place as possible.
4. Pillow pet: A source of physical comfort and a friend!
5. Homesick candle: This unique take on a candle incorporates nostalgia into its scent, making it an ideal source of comfort for the especially homesick.
6. Face mask set: Nothing says "self-care" like a face mask. It's soothing to wear and gives great results, especially when you're able to treat your skin depending on its type.
7. Mug: Perfect for tea, hot chocolate, soup, and communicating that today is not the day to get on my nerves.

Stuff Every Graduate Should Know: Those of us graduating need more than just a book to be able to make it in the "real world," but this is a very helpful start and reference point.
2. Personal blender: Most dorms allow little contraptions like this mini blender, and it encourages healthy eating at a time in one's life when junk food reigns supreme.
3. Coffee Hydro Flask: Give the gift of warm coffee during an 8 am class with this portable mug that keeps liquid warm for up to 6 hours (or cold for up to 24 hours).
4. Charging cord: Between the library, class, my friends' houses, and traveling home, I'm always leaving my chargers somewhere. With a unique charger (that is designed not to break so easily), I can be sure that whoever borrows it can't claim it's theirs.
5. Socks: Again, between all the places I go, communal laundry rooms, and how many times I've moved as a college student, I'm constantly losing socks. Nice socks in particular are a luxury I just can't afford.
6. Herb planters & herbs: A super easy way to brighten up a dorm room or a cheap apartment with no natural light. Throw in some basil, peppermint, or other edible seeds to make this gift really worth its while.
7. Personal banker organizer: Not everyone keeps track of their budget online: some people prefer to handwrite their monthly expenses. Help someone gain control of their finances with this guided spending tracker.

1. Travel journal: Help the traveler in your life record their trips for years to come with this cute (and compact) journal.
2. Waterproof phone case: Keeps any phone safe from the rain, the ocean, humidity, and any other kind of water to continue to document and serve as a means of communication when traveling.
3. Luggage tag: Make a boring bag stand out on a baggage carousel for a more efficient trip through baggage claim.
4. Mini cosmetic kit: Not only is this perfect for shorter trips or for a carry-on bag, but look how cute everything is!
5. "Anywhere Travel Guide": If you can't keep up with where your friend is traveling this year (Croatia? Jamaica? Indonesia?), get them a travel guide that will give them something to do regardless of where they end up.
6. Travel pouches: Keep everything nice and organized in these pouches that tell you what's inside without showing your business to the entire world.
7. Carry-on cocktail kit: Flying sucks a little less with a cocktail that you can make yourself on the plane.

Monday, November 28, 2016

OOTD: Farmer's Market

On a surprisingly sunny November day, I ventured into Ballard to check out the farmer's market. It was an excellent excuse to check another place off my bucket list, and to do so in an outfit I've been eager to wear since the end of summer. It took me at least fifteen minutes to figure out how to tie this scarf: it's the only square scarf I own, and I haven't worn it in the two years I've owned it.
 Full disclosure: this eucalyptus is Emily's, but she was kind enough to lend it to me for the picture. My farmer's market purchase, a block of cheese, wasn't exactly the perfect prop.

Friday, November 25, 2016

OOTD: Almost Home

With two weeks til graduation, I am incredibly grateful to be home for a couple days. I know I should be spending this time prepping for my finals, continuing to apply for jobs, and looking for post-grad housing, but I'm having a hard time tearing myself away from family card games and movie nights to be doing anything productive. My family has been able to spend some really great quality time together. All five of us are together for the first time in six months, and after December, we won't be together until my graduation ceremony in June.
This scarf is my go-to this time of year: it's warm, the colors are perfect for autumn, and easy-to-wear. A bodycon was not my best decision for a day centered around eating... At least it was stretchy!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Spaces & Faces: 3201

Welcome to my apartment! (Finally). I've lived here since October 2015, but apparently it's taken me over a year to finally get my room to the point where I can put it on the blog. Now, just in time for me to move out in a couple weeks, here is a look at my living space.

My bed is where I spend most of my time. I've had most of these pillows and this duvet cover since freshman year, so my room aesthetic has largely remained the same. Emily painted this beautiful piece of art as a rough draft for an incredible gallery piece she did, and I got to keep it because I was one of the people that posed for her.

I've slowly been building up this gallery-style wall since I moved in: it was originally just the quote cards, but has since grown to incorporate my first-ever wedding invite, my sister's grad announcement, some DIYs, and some miscellaneous pictures.

I love the aesthetic that hanging up my jewelry creates. Not only is it like a little wall of art, but it's a super practical way to store my necklaces.

I love my &s: I hope to acquire more of them as I continue decorating my living spaces.

The foot of my bed features some of my own paintings of little succulents.

All of our furniture came from the university, but we do our best to spice it up with our own unique touch, like these DIY wine bottle vases.

Carolyn has a bunch of really cute quote canvases: these are two of my favorites. It doesn't hurt that they're both so aesthetically pleasing.

Living with two dogs (and three women) is a whole bunch of fun. We spend a lot of Friday nights together on the couch watching Harry Potter movie marathons and sharing junk food.